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Web Behavioral Targeting ... New Search

In recent years two major developments that have completely changed online advertising:

  • Real time bidding - Now advertisiers can buy advertising in real time, one ad impression at a time.
  • Big Data - There is more data on consumer interest and intent available to advertisers than ever before.

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The Problem?

Most ad networks, retargeting, and demand-side platforms (DSPs—digital service providers) reduce the effectiveness of big data by bidding, targeting, and reporting against pre-packaged, inflexible audience segments—demographic, geographic, but not psychographic

Advertisers can’t see what’s in the audience segments, and can’t change anything about them.

With first generation DSPs, advertisers are forced to use pre-packaged audience data that lumps non-performing data elements in with highly effective ones. Good mixed with bad, new mixed with old.

So we’ve changed the way it’s done.

Unstructured data enables you to improve the performance of your advertising campaigns, and also attain deeper insights into your target customers. You no longer have to spend marketing dollars targeting an audience that is pre-determined and locked, regardless of performance.

This is “keyword-to-intent” search. We identify the users’ “intent,” behavior that signals his real interest in products and services, then follow him/her around and offers your incentives on virtually every web page they go to … with pictures.

What You Get:

  • Deeper insights – With an element level view of how your audience behaves online, you can expand your targeted audience to include similar consumers and formulate new campaigns to newly discovered audiences.
  • Greater Precision - Target only the precise audience elements and pages you want, to ensure that you reach the right prospects.
  • Better performance − Campaign budgets are allocated to the best-performing parts of the targeted audience, and unproductive audience elements that drag down overall campaign performance are eliminated.
  • A 30-day history of every site in America, plus each can be imputed with pixel data to determine where users are coming from. More monthly impressions than Google. Why, because it’s element level data, not packaged in cookies.

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